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Occupational Health Service Provision in Edinburgh and the Lothians

We offer a range of Occupational Health services



Employees with Musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs affect companies significantly through staff absence and wasted resources. In the reporting period 2013/2014, 8.3 million working days were lost in the UK due to MSD’s (Health and Safety Executive). It is estimated that for every pound that is invested in Occupational Health, businesses can see a return of up to four pounds. Therefore it is essential to have rapid, convenient access to the best care, intervention and advice to minimise the effect on both the employer and the employee’s well being. Typically the majority of employees with MSD’s present to us with low back pain and neck pain, however our clinicians are highly experienced treating MSD’s affecting every area of the body.

Midlothian Physiotherapy LLP has a proven track record in delivering Occupational Health physiotherapy and related services to organisations large and small, both in the public and the private sectors. The organisations we work with have reported reductions in staff absence, injuries at work and improvements in staff satisfaction. We provide these services throughout Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian.



What we do


Midlothian Physiotherapy LLP can provide you with a range of services to reduce the impact of MSD’s on both your organisation and the wellbeing of individual members of staff. We can provide these services in a variety of different ways to suit your specific needs. For example we can deliver services on your premises or our premises or a combination of the two In order to minimise barriers to staff accessing the service we offer appointments from 8 am until 8 pm.

A model of service delivery which our experience demonstrates works well. Is to have a clinic on your premises one or two days a week, with members of staff also being able to access our clinic in Eskbank just outside Edinburgh. This ensures that those who are able to can access the on-site clinic within normal office hours. Those who are not able to do so, due to work or other commitments such as childcare can access the Eskbank clinic five days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. In our experience providing services to large organisations whose staff work across multiple sites with a wide variety of different shift patterns this flexible combination of onsite and offsite provision works well.

Please browse our services listed below or contact us to discuss how we can help. You may also be interested in our health and safety training services, which include Manual Handling training and First Aid training.


Direct Access Occupational Health Physiotherapy


We provide direct access occupational health physiotherapy to private and public sector organisations. We can do this as discussed above on an onsite basis, an offsite basis or a combination of both. Prior to commencement of any service we would aim to meet with you and your colleagues and discuss your needs to decide which would be the best model of service delivery for you.

Currently we provide this service to a number of organisations using all of the above models.

The advantages of having access to this service are;

  • Rapid access, with appointments being offered often within 24 hours and certainly within 48-72 hours.
  • Reductions in overall staff absence and therefore in costs.
  • Improved workplace performance and productivity due to reduction in presenteeism.
  • Quicker return to work following a period of absence.
  • Reduction in frequency of periods of absence.
  • Improved employee engagement.


Display Screen Equipment or DSE Assessments


Employees using computers are at increased risk of workstation related MSDs. Providing employees with a risk assessment and making reasonable adjustments is a legal requirement for employers. All of our DSE assessor’s are Chartered Physiotherapists who have at least 15 years of occupational health physiotherapy experience and have received additional training from ACPOHE with regards to DSE assessments.

The DSE assessment consists of initially meeting the member of staff on site and discussing any relevant medical history. Following this the DSE assessor would then assess the member of staff at their workstation. The line manager would then receive a report within 48 hours which would include the results of the assessment and the assessor’s advice and any recommendations with regard to additional equipment if any that the assessor feels may be required.

For more information regarding the legal requirements regarding DSE assessments and the process of carrying one out please see this page about DSE assessments.


Workplace Assessments


A Workplace assessment consists of observing, evaluating and reporting on the physical, environmental and ergonomic requirements of the duties that a member of staff performs in the actual workplace. All of our Workplace assessors are Chartered Physiotherapists who have at least 10 years of occupational health physiotherapy experience.


The Workplace assessment would consist of assessing the member of staff carrying out his or her duties in their workplace. The assessor would then write a report which identifies what duties the employee is carrying out and identifies reasonable adjustments(if appropriate). Therefore helping to ensure a safe working environment, providing assurance that duties being performed won’t aggravate any symptoms that the employee may have and assists with return to work planning.


The line manager would then receive a report within 48 hours which would include the results of the assessment and the assessor’s recommendations if any.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your requirements if we can be of assistance.