Midlothian Physiotherapy LLP will be reopening July 13th for Face to Face Physiotherapy Appointments

Midlothian Physiotherapy is planning to reopen to resume face to face appointments from Monday the 13th of July. This is in keeping with the timescale proposed in the Scottish Government’s Route out of Lockdown. Our clinicians will be using PPE as recommended by Health Protection Scotland. If you would like to book an appointment please[…]

Persistent Pain

Persistent Pain What is it, Why do you get it and how can we help?

What is persistent pain? As mentioned in previous blog posts we believe that to deliver the highest possible standard of care we need to commit to regular Continuous Professional Development or CPD. This month Lynsay presented on the topic of persistent pain. Pain is a vital function of the nervous system, providing your brain with[…]

Children and strength training- What if any are the risks, How and Why should they do it?

Should children lift weights? We believe that Continuing Professional Development or CPD is essential for us to deliver clinically effective physiotherapy, therefore it is something that we take seriously and do on a monthly basis. This month Alistair led the session which was about strength training in children and young adults. I thought it was worth[…]

Midlothian Physiotherapy Our new Partnership with Level Ten Fitness

  The physios at Midlothian Physiotherapy LLP are all passionate about health and wellbeing, if we weren’t we wouldn’t have chosen our profession. We all play or participate in the particular sports or activities that we enjoy on a regular basis. For us a successful treatment outcome is not just the reduction of symptoms, but a return to full function[…]

Running injuries

Running Injuries – Specialist Physio’s serving Edinburgh and the Lothians

Why run? Millions of people run or jog on a regular basis for many different reasons. There are a myriad of physical and mental health benefits associated with regular running and the barriers to participation are relatively low. You don’t need to join a gym, buy expensive equipement or spend time travelling to the gym[…]