Tendonitis or Tendinopathy and what to do about it

Tendonitis or Tendinopathy What it is and What to do about it

Tendon problems commonly referred to as tendonitis are often associated with sporting activity and in particular with overuse. With it being reported that tendon problems affecting the leg probably account for around 30% of all running injuries and elbow tendon issues accounting for around 40% of injuries in those playing tennis. However they are also fairly common in those who do not participate in sporting activity and[…]

Tendon ruptures and what to do about them

Tendon ruptures and what to do about them

Tendon ruptures are fairly uncommon however they can and do occur. They are often associated with sharp sudden movements, a sudden onset of symptoms and considerable loss of function or disability. Before we can discuss what you should do if you have or suspect that you have a tendon rupture, we first need to discuss what a[…]

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