Traction Apophysitis or Growing pains what to do about it?

Traction Apophysitis or Growing pains and what to do about them

We are constantly being told that our children need to more active and that childhood obesity is on the rise. Therefore it is understandable that parents are keen for their children to be as active as possible. Just as adults have musculoskeletal problems or pain so do children. Generally the sports injuries that adults suffer[…]

Sports Injuries and what to do about them

Sports Injuries and what to do about them

What is a sports injury ?   A sports injury can be defined as an injury that occurs in a sporting or athletic activity. They can either caused by a one off acute trauma such as an acute sprained ankle or secondary to overuse.   Most of us are increasingly more and more sedentary in[…]

Continuing professional development

What we’ve been up to in April 2015

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the team at Midlothian Physiotherapy. On a professional front Alistair travelled to Hampden Park in Glasgow for a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) lecture with two of the country’s top knee surgeons Mr Bill Leach and Mr Brian Rooney.  The sessions were all about knees, covering the most[…]

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