Is sitting bad for your health?

Is sitting too much bad for your health?

Most of us have probably heard in the last few years that we should generally be less sedentary and that most of us probably sit too much. From my point of view as a physiotherapist I am interested in sitting and/or the lack of activity from two points of view. First of all I’m interested in the effects[…]

Shoulder pain and what to do about it

Shoulder pain – Specialist Physio’s serving Edinburgh and the Lothians

What are the causes of Shoulder pain ? Shoulder pain is common both in the general population and in those that participate in sport. It is often extremely debilitating as it will frequently interfere with sleep and as anyone with a small child will tell you, sleep deprivation will rapidly interfere with your ability to[…]

Neck pain and what to do about it

Neck pain- Specialist Physio’s serving Edinburgh and the surrounding area

What causes Neck pain and why do I have it ? Neck pain with or without arm pain or other arm symptoms is extremely common affecting around 60% of us at some point. Certainly it is second only to low back pain in terms of the number of patients that present with it to our[…]