Running injuries

Running Injuries – Specialist Physio’s serving Edinburgh and the Lothians

Why run? Millions of people run or jog on a regular basis for many different reasons. There are a myriad of physical and mental health benefits associated with regular running and the barriers to participation are relatively low. You don’t need to join a gym, buy expensive equipement or spend time travelling to the gym[…]

What you need to know about concussion and how to manage it

What you need to know about Concussion and how to manage it

Earlier this year the Scottish Sports Concussion Guidance  document was published. This guidance document was produced for grassroots sports participants who don’t have easy access to Sports and Exercise Medicine specialists. It was produced and endorsed by experts from the Royal Colledge of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, the Scottish Football Association, the Scottish Rugby Union, the[…]

Traction Apophysitis or Growing pains what to do about it?

Traction Apophysitis or Growing pains and what to do about them

We are constantly being told that our children need to more active and that childhood obesity is on the rise. Therefore it is understandable that parents are keen for their children to be as active as possible. Just as adults have musculoskeletal problems or pain so do children. Generally the sports injuries that adults suffer[…]

Muscle strains or tears and what to do about them

Muscle strains or tears and what to about them

Muscular injuries are common in sport and in general day to day life. Epidemiological studies report that in sporting environments muscular injuries account for over 30% of all injuries. Certainly muscle strains are a common reason for patients to present to our clinic in Eskbank near Edinburgh. Therefore whether you are a keen sports person,[…]

Acute ankle sprain and what to do about it.

Acute ankle pain after an ankle sprain and what to do about it

So I was wondering what to post this week and was coming up blank, however every cloud has a silver lining as I am trying to remind myself today, whilst nursing my painful ankle. Yesterday I took my son to the local pitches near where I live in Edinburgh, to let him run around and let[…]

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