Hip Pain

Hip pain- Why you get it and What to do about it

Hip pain is one of the many problems our physios treat in our clinic in Eskbank just outside Edinburgh. Pain around the hip and groin area can be extremely debilitating and interfere significantly with everyday activities including participation in sporting activities. Patients present to our clinic complaining of pain in the front of the hip,[…]

Elbow pain

Elbow pain-what you need to know about it and how to manage it

Whilst not as common as neck or back pain, patients with elbow pain or other symptoms such as numbness, pins and needles or weakness are relatively common at our clinic just outside Ednburgh. These symptoms can be debilitating interfering with your ability to work and participate in activities around the house or exercise. In particular activities which require significant amounts[…]

What you need to know about Total Ankle Replacement surgery

What you need to know about Total Ankle Replacements

Although knee and hip surgery is far more common, we do see patients in our clinic just outside Edinburgh who have had ankle surgery. The more common surgical procedures we would see in the clinic are ankle fusions or arthrodesis, ankle ligament reconstructions and ankle arthroplasty or replacements. Ankle fusion or arthrodesis surgery is where the joint surfaces of the ankle are deliberately fused together, it would normally only[…]

So you're going to have knee surgery, what do you need to know?

So you’re going to have knee surgery, what do you need to know?

The knee is a fairly common source of pain and other problems with around 20% of adults complaining of knee pain or other symptoms such as locking or giving way, The more common issues and problems which affect the knee are discussed in this blog post here. Knee pain is also reasonably common in children and[…]

Is sitting bad for your health?

Is sitting too much bad for your health?

Most of us have probably heard in the last few years that we should generally be less sedentary and that most of us probably sit too much. From my point of view as a physiotherapist I am interested in sitting and/or the lack of activity from two points of view. First of all I’m interested in the effects[…]